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The Power of the Games Console in Disease Management
Adele Graham-King, Blogger, 28/01/14  Comment now
Adele Graham-King
I recently picked up Sanofi-Aventis's new game app, Monster Manor, which is designed to encourage children with Type I diabetes to manage their condition better via the use of gaming technology. The app, which is available for download ...
Electronic Health Records & Healthcare Drift: What Kind of Service Am I Getting Now?
Ben Locwin, Principal, Applied Pharmaceutical Intelligence, 28/01/14  Comment now
Ben Locwin
If you've been to your doctor in the past couple of years, which will get a silent head-nodding "yes" from nine out of 10 of the readers of this article, you've probably noticed that much more of your visit is being captured via ...
Will Pharma's Global Customers Redefine Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?
Girish Malhotra, President & Founder, Epcot International, 27/01/14  Comment now
Girish Malhotra
What do Maslow's hierarchy of needs and pharma have in common? On the surface, it might seem they have nothing in common. However, there are many points of connection in today's global economic landscape, where the world has not only ...
New Business Models for Aging Drugs: The Advantage of Repurposing
Fereshteh Barei, Academic Researcher, LEGOS, Dauphine University, 27/01/14  Comment now
Fereshteh Barei
Drug repositioning, also known as drug repurposing, drug reprofiling, or therapeutic switching, is the process of reinvestigating existing molecules for new indications. Candidates for repositioning usually fall into one of the ...
Lifecycle Management & Suspicions of Snake Oil Marketing
Emil W. Ciurczak, Principal, DoraMaxx Consulting, 15/01/14  Comment now
Emil W. Ciurczak
A large number of recent articles and blogs have centered on problems with products, both their purity and effectiveness. Process Analytical Technology (PAT) was initiated to help pharmaceutical companies make a quality product, over ...
Reading the Tea Leaves: Predictions for Pharma's Future
Girish Malhotra, President & Founder, Epcot International, 15/01/14  Comment now
Girish Malhotra
The human race has one significant weakness. We all want to know what the future holds for us, and we want to know now -- hence the popularity of fortune-telling and such "fields" as astrology. In our desire to predict tomorrow, ...
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Industry Expert Panel Submissions
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Combating Counterfeit Drugs: Saving Lives, Saving Money
Read “Demystifying Track & Trace,” and learn how a single-source provider can help to ensure the safety of ...
Overcoming Formulation Challenges in the Development of Orally Disintegrating Tablets Consisting of Controlled-Release Multiparticulate Beads
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Targeting PK and Patient Needs with Versatile, Timed-Based Oral Drug Delivery
Aptalis has enabled the successful leveraging of oral modified-release products in multiple therapeutic areas.
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies: Patient Centric Drug Delivery
Aptalis offers oral delivery technology to produce tailored drug solutions with high patient acceptability.
Optimizing Drug Delivery Technology Partnerships
Pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of drug technology experts earlier in the product development cycle.
Tastemasking Technology Platform (video)
Aptalis taste-masking and oral disintegrating tablet technologies offer flexibility and convenience for patients.
Overview of Service (video)
Aptalis offers products with integrated manufacturing and R&D solutions such as development and commercialization.
Customized Drug Release technology Platform (video)
Our custom drug release profiles can optimize performance such as providing rapid action or sustained release.
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Biorise enables and improves the bioavailability of drugs and is proven to increase the rate of solubilization.
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