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Girish Malhotra explains "Sociochemicology," how to exploit chemical properties to optimize API development, and the potential savings involved, all in under three minutes!
09/04/2013 | 3 comments
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4/19/2013 6:36:08 PM
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Re: Sociochemicology
Great video, sociochemicology is interesting. Global business does recognize that today supply chain improvements increase revenue from these investments. Establishing the right revenue sources in the company will develop revenue areas.

Girish Malhotra
Girish Malhotra  
4/10/2013 8:10:24 AM
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Re: Sociochemicology

Good question about industry leaders. Actually having the right process impacts the whole business process. McKinsey & Co. has estimated that supply chain improvements can save about $120 billion dollars. That adds up to about $180 to $200 billion dollars i.e. about 25% of the global revenue. No a bad return on their business process investment. Everyone will go home happy. 

Agnes Shanley
Agnes Shanley  
4/10/2013 6:23:22 AM
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Girish, I wish my Chemistry 101 professor had explained chemical behavior in such an intuitive and imaginative way.  You could rope more sociology or psych majors into studying chemistry.  So why dont industry leaders, collectively, want to save $60 to $80 billion per year!? With so many companies facing or having jumped off the patent cliff, could profit margins still be so fat that they continue to insulate companies from reality?  

As has been pointed out so many times by so many thought leaders, that money could be spent on so many things---discovery and R&D being one of them, but, maybe some special projects, bringing more, say, malaria or TB treatments to more people throughout the world at low or no cost. 

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