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Pharmaceutical Sampling & Testing: Ciurczak Channels Sheldon & Schrodinger

For a high-tech industry, why are pharma's sampling testing methods still so primitive? cGMPs require "statistically relevant" sampling, after all. Emil Ciurczak posed this question at IFPAC 2013, channeling Big Bang Theory's Sheldon and Shrodinger's cat.
04/03/2013 | 4 comments
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Emil W. Ciurczak
Emil W. Ciurczak  
3/15/2013 10:13:56 AM
User Rank Blogger
Re: Wow
Everthing I ever wanted to know about physica, i get from Sheldon. Seriously, he explained the cat-in-the-box in an older episode and it stuck with me...and seemed apropos to this situation.

3/15/2013 9:55:21 AM
User Rank Cultural Capitalist (Black Belt)
This definitely makes it to my favorite satire in favor of RTRT.

But really Emil, The Big Bang Theory reminded you of Schrodinger??



Emil W. Ciurczak
Emil W. Ciurczak  
3/4/2013 5:24:36 PM
User Rank Blogger
NOW, I'm famoius
My wife and I are BIG fans of the show (Christmas present was first 5 years DVDs), so the fact the my editor put me in the same video blog with my hero...It doesn't get better.


Now, if only someone listens...

ALM at Global B2B
ALM at Global B2B  
3/4/2013 2:30:10 PM
User Rank Cultural Capitalist (Black Belt)
Cogent Channeling
Mr. Ciurczak's is so correct re: how we might procrastinate on quality sampling/testing as in other arenas of life.  Channeling Sheldon and Shrodinger?  Yes, and Maurice Sendak too perhaps...

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