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Pharma: Get More Scientific About Formulation!

Paul Trusty, technical director of solid dosage forms at GSK, explains why pharma needs to catch up to other industries where materials science is concerned. A PhD, who once tested ingredients for Breyers ice cream, Paul is a materials scientist himself.
25/02/2013 | 3 comments
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2/27/2013 3:45:59 PM
User Rank Survivor (White Belt)
Material Science
Paul is absolutely true in case of provoking the meterial sciences in the pharma industries at the particulate and molecular dynamics interaction level..."But still i would like to ask wether the Drug Designers can indulge in material sciences as pharmacists to understand the key mechanisms following at nanoscale level in the field of material sciences.... i mean How and Which softwares are we gonna implement for this live time dynamic visualizations in intestines and stomach>???

Barry Langdon
Barry Langdon  
2/26/2013 7:11:25 AM
User Rank Survivor (White Belt)
Material Science thinking at the particulate level
Absolutely agree with Paul on this and like his comparison with other industries. The most successful formulations in every market are developed by honing performance, marrying theory and practice in an iterative, step by step process.There may be lessons to be drawn from other industries, but none of them have to contend with the level of testing which is required for a new pharmaceutical product which in turn places many more limitations on the choice of materials.

Girish Malhotra
Girish Malhotra  
2/25/2013 1:46:21 PM
User Rank Blogger
Pauk you are absolutely right. One has to completely understand the interaction of components and their mutual behavior to have the RIGHT process. Unless they are understood, one cannot have the best possible process to produce quality product. Thanks. 

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