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Understanding Pharma Patents

Pharma Evolution,
Monday, March 04, 2013 16:40 EST

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9/19/2013 2:06:22 AM
User Rank Relationship Builder (Yellow Belt)
Profits earned ??
As benign as this diagram appears, the sheer amount of money made over the sale of these drugs during the patent duration is Insane!! Phizer has made more than a Billion $ only in sales of Latanoprost, Xalatan, and thats just one of its patents!! That is a LOT of money.

9/15/2013 3:59:23 AM
User Rank Dealmaker (Master)
pharma patents
This is very informative. thanks for the post.

5/14/2013 11:54:54 AM
User Rank Survivor (White Belt)
Re: Pharma patents
Yes, safe and effective and cost factors. If pharma can stabilize R&D areas and sustain support but patents pressure change. Allocating cash budgets provides options. With more strategic options at hand improvements can be made.

Emil W. Ciurczak
Emil W. Ciurczak  
5/9/2013 6:52:31 PM
User Rank Blogger
Pharma patents
The very fact that any company that udgrades or "invents" an electronic device or new perfume or detergent mix only needs a year or so to build the product; this lowers pressure from the majority of companies to change patent law.

The only industry, it seems, that needs a decade or so to prove that its product is "safe and effective" (not needed with smartphones) is Pharma. Perhaps a "plea-bargain" where the industry agrees to stop patent extending tricks in exchange for starting the patent clock farther along the process (phase III or IV?).

That way (in theory), the companies could make an honest profit without charging outrageous prices. Win-win?

Girish Malhotra
Girish Malhotra  
5/8/2013 12:13:48 PM
User Rank Blogger
Re: Excelent
Interetsing information. I have a different perspective and would like to share. Please see the link http://pharmachemicalscoatings.blogspot.com/2012/10/patents-should-we-change-our.html


3/8/2013 5:52:30 AM
User Rank Survivor (White Belt)
Very nice .

Steve Saunders
Steve Saunders  
3/5/2013 9:06:59 AM
User Rank Survivor (White Belt)
love this amazing graphic!

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