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The Power of the Games Console in Disease Management
Adele Graham-King  
1/28/2014   22 comments
We all accept that technology is changing the way that we treat diseases, and using gaming technology is an innovative way of reaching out to a patient group that interacts with smart devices on a daily basis.
Electronic Health Records & Healthcare Drift: What Kind of Service Am I Getting Now?
Ben Locwin  
1/28/2014   9 comments
Electronic health recordkeeping is changing healthcare, and not always for the better.
Will Pharma's Global Customers Redefine Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?
Girish Malhotra  
1/27/2014   17 comments
Other industries have shown that the world is demanding more low-price products to improve and simplify their lives. Will the same spirit that reshaped the mobile phone business redefine pharma?
New Business Models for Aging Drugs: The Advantage of Repurposing
Fereshteh Barei  
1/27/2014   23 comments
Drug repurposing can be a "win-win" opportunity for patients and the industry.
Lifecycle Management & Suspicions of Snake Oil Marketing
Emil W. Ciurczak  
1/15/2014   13 comments
If marketing for pharmaceutical lifecycle extension and management is not taken seriously and handled responsibly, we can expect to see the public's opinion and trust of the industry continue to plummet.
Reading the Tea Leaves: Predictions for Pharma's Future
Girish Malhotra  
1/15/2014   33 comments
Long-term, the industry must shift from niche thinking and find ways to supply more of the world's patients, if it is to remain profitable. Short-term, companies will cling to the status quo, but outside forces will drive change.
Pharma's Top Issue for 2014:Supply Chain Safety
Ed Silverman  
1/13/2014   11 comments
Regulators, specifically, the FDA, and the European Medicines Agency are taking a more circumspect approach toward suppliers from India. This is not going to change soon.
Critical Thinking on Criticality: Design vs. Performance
Brian Carlin  
1/13/2014   17 comments
Design-critical components merit inclusion in the Design of Experiments, but potential failure modes from all components must be addressed in the Control Strategy.
You Can’t Validate a Bad Practice, Can You?
James Agalloco  
1/2/2014   51 comments
Staying within the lines, as some investigators would have us do, may seem like the right thing to do. But "safe" doesn't always mean "right". In some situations, breaking the rules may be exactly what is needed to achieve the best results.
Winner of Our Latest Caption Contest
Agnes Shanley  
12/25/2013   3 comments
Our first holiday cartoon caption contest winner is...
Ringing in the New Year: Job Security Tops Reader Concerns
Agnes Shanley  
12/23/2013   33 comments
Our most recent reader poll shows that job security is a top concern. However, a recent industry survey suggests that people working in pharma are optimistic about the overall market.
Will FDA Change Game for Generic Pharmaceuticals Labeling?
Bikash Chatterjee  
12/23/2013   25 comments
The FDA has extended the comment period for a proposed rule that would let generic manufacturers change safety-related product labeling in much the same way name brand manufacturers do. The rule could increase manufacturers' legal liability for adverse reactions.
Can Emerging Pharma's Leadership Move On to the Next Stage?
Girish Malhotra  
12/18/2013   38 comments
Leaders of Indian and Chinese pharma companies currently struggle with succession plans, quality strategies, and technology platforms. Delegating management and fostering innovation will be critical if companies that changed the business are to remain.
Beware the Innocent Pharma Conference Tweet
Ed Silverman  
12/16/2013   18 comments
Companies presenting posters at conferences may need to monitor twitter activity closely.
Slideshow: Most Expensive Drugs of 2013
Agnes Shanley  
12/16/2013   30 comments
A look at drug pricing issues in the US, and prices for some of the highest priced pharmaceuticals now available.
You Shouldn't Have: Pharma's Worst Holiday Party Videos
Agnes Shanley  
12/13/2013   9 comments
Tidings of discomfort and less joy: Youtube's collection of pharma's holiday party videos.
Could Your Cholesterol Drug Prevent Breast Cancer?
Adele Graham-King  
12/13/2013   30 comments
A number of research projects point to a connection between cholesterol and breast cancer, raising the possibility of new, less invasive treatments.
Best Pharma Companies to Work For: 2014 Rankings
Agnes Shanley  
12/12/2013   18 comments
Some pharma companies made a pair of top-workplace lists by Glassdoor and CareerBliss. Here's a quick look at the results. What do you think?
Pharma News of the Week
Agnes Shanley  
12/11/2013   9 comments
Here's a quick look at some of the recent news highlights and other developments.
Could the Google Books Decision Set a Precedent for Global Pharma Patents?
Girish Malhotra  
12/10/2013   14 comments
Could exemptions from patents, analogous to the recent copyright exemptions for Google Books, change the playing field for global pharmaceuticals? We're already seeing an increase in the use of compulsory licenses.
From Output to Outcome: Measuring the Productivity of Pharmaceutical Innovation
Fereshteh Barei  
12/9/2013   21 comments
Conventional ways of measuring the productivity of innovation may soon become obsolete. Overall, the industry is moving toward a model that is based on patient outcomes.
Lean as a Cash-Conversion Cycle Accelerator: Lessons From Aquaponics
William Botha  
12/6/2013   14 comments
How Lean is like aquaponics, and what it can do for any pharma company's cash-conversion cycle.
Could the ‘Mini-Tablet’ Get Kids to Take Their Medicine?
Adele Graham-King  
12/5/2013   62 comments
Why are most pediatric medications still being dispensed in hard-to-dose liquid forms? Tablets offer tremendous, and underexplored, potential.
How Bad Is Pharma's Image Problem?
JC Lupis  
12/4/2013   24 comments
Recent surveys suggest a lingering mistrust of pharma, particularly among young people. What can be done to change this picture?
Can Expert Gatekeepers Ensure Clinical Trial Transparency?
Ed Silverman  
12/3/2013   11 comments
Harvard University's Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center has proposed that a "learned intermediary" act as a disinterested arbiter in sorting out researcher requests and industry balking. Could this idea work?
The FDA's 23andme Crackdown Stirs Controversy Over Ethics and Innovation
Bikash Chatterjee  
12/2/2013   10 comments
Does the recent action stem from noncompliance, or simply from a failure to communicate?
Immunotherapy: New Hope for HIV Patients With Precancerous HPV Infections?
Eyal Talor  
11/27/2013   18 comments
Immunotherapy shows promise for treating a number of precancerous HPV infections that can develop into full-blown cancers.
India Will Require Videotaped Evidence of Clinical Trial Consent
Ed Silverman  
11/26/2013   17 comments
To ensure due diligence, India now legally requires that any individual patient involved in a clinical drug trial be videotaped giving his or her consent.
Pharma News Roundup
Agnes Shanley  
11/24/2013   8 comments
A quick look at some of the week's top news and other things.
Could Plant Research Unlock Ways to Prevent Human Resistance to Antibiotics?
Adele Graham-King  
11/23/2013   29 comments
New research aims to discover how plants defend themselves against infection. Could this research be use to solve the growing problem of antibiotic resistance in humans?
Getting Beyond Dr. Seuss: A Thanksgiving Wish for US Healthcare
Agnes Shanley  
11/22/2013   10 comments
As Thanksgiving approaches, we still see shortages of key medications in the US. Can all the groups affected stop the finger pointing and politics and get beyond Dr. Seuss to come up with some real solutions?
Can FDASIA Title VII Improve Pharma's 'Abysmal' Procurement Competency?
Agnes Shanley  
11/22/2013   11 comments
In our new report, experts critique the FDA Safety and Innovation Act Title VII. Though most agree that Title VII will be helpful, they warn that improving pharma supply chain safety will be anything but a quick fix.
Winning Caption for This Week's Contest
Agnes Shanley  
11/22/2013   4 comments
It's Friday, the end of another challenging week. To lighten things up, here is the winning caption for last week's contest.
Your Favorite Pharmemerging Markets
Agnes Shanley  
11/22/2013   11 comments
Our November reader poll suggests that most readers are focused on doing business in India, China, and Latin America.
Managing Change at FDA: CDER Director Woodcock to Emphasize Manufacturing Oversight
Agnes Shanley  
11/19/2013   25 comments
There have been major defections at the FDA recently, but CDER director Janet Woodcock addressed deeper questions about its direction and goals in her keynote speech at the ISPE Annual Meeting. How do you see her agency's plans impacting the industry?
Pharma News Roundup
Agnes Shanley  
11/15/2013   13 comments
A summary of some of the week's top news.
Has the Mosquito Finally Met Its Match?
Adele Graham-King  
11/15/2013   33 comments
Progress is finally being made in efforts to eradicate malaria.
The Nail That Sticks Out Could Change the World: When Culture Stifles Innovation
Girish Malhotra  
11/14/2013   47 comments
Eastern cultures are less encouraging of innovation in the young, and, instead, emphasize the need to respect authority and foster hierarchical work styles. Thus, they lose out on fresh ideas.
We Have a Winner: Last Week's Caption Contest
Agnes Shanley  
11/13/2013   3 comments
Blogger Ben Locwin is the winner!
Avoiding Random Walks, or Why You Shouldn't Worry About a Heart Attack in July
Ben Locwin  
11/13/2013   27 comments
If your business trajectory is to go from south to north, there can be infinitesimal variations along that path. If these variations result from tweaks in response to fads or trends, they'll only delay your progress.
Innovation, Whether Generic or Name-Brand, Comes From the Same Roots
Fereshteh Barei  
11/12/2013   20 comments
Market differentiation and improved patient compliance are two reasons why generics companies with the means are exploring hybrid generics and supergenerics. Drug-devices pose new opportunities as well.
Affordability, Responsiveness Emphasized in 2014 Access to Medicines Index
Agnes Shanley  
11/12/2013   7 comments
Next year's Access to Medicines Index will place increased emphasis on drug pricing and responsiveness to local patients' needs. New methodology that will be used to develop the 2014 Index (to be released late next year) was just published today.
Will New Glucose Detectors Change Diabetes Treatment?
Adele Graham-King  
11/11/2013   42 comments
Could an acoustic sensor-based glucose measurement test change the way diabetic patients are treated and diabetes therapies prescribed?
Want Lean to Work? Connect Manufacturing & Product Development
William Botha  
11/11/2013   8 comments
Pharma operations are more complex than ever. Asking the tough questions (such as "Should we be doing this anymore?") and leading by example can improve product quality and create a culture of continuous improvement.
Pharma News Roundup
Agnes Shanley  
11/8/2013   3 comments
A look at recent developments.
Global Pricing Strategy: Getting It Right Demands Cultural Change
Charanya Kannan  
11/7/2013   9 comments
Pharma manufacturers must create a global pricing strategy that anticipates regulatory entanglements and plans for the global impact of country-level price changes. Doing this will require significant cultural change.
CAPA at Patheon: Quality People Turn Plant-Floor Coaches
Agnes Shanley  
11/7/2013   8 comments
Harry Gill, SVP of quality, operational excellence, and continuous improvement at Patheon, summarized best-practices for getting to effective CAPAs and "right first time" at CPhI Worldwide 2013.
FDA's Drug Shortage Strategy Can Only Go So Far
Art Kerley  
11/7/2013   4 comments
Chronic drug shortages persist and some of the reasons for them may go far beyond the FDA, to hospital reimbursement and overall healthcare practices.
Pathways to Innovation: Supergenerics & Hybrid Generics
Fereshteh Barei  
11/6/2013   25 comments
Supergenerics or hybrid generics (also called new therapeutic entities) offer companies a low-risk way to innovate and provide better products with fewer side effects. This approach can satisfy patients and regulators and help to weaken the strength of global counterfeits.
Regulatory Oversight & Developing Nations: Is There a Double Standard?
Agnes Shanley  
11/5/2013   11 comments
Do developing nations, by necessity, maintain a double standard for quality -- one for domestic and the other for international markets? Experts speaking at a CPhI program on emerging markets discussed perceptions and realities.
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